Ghoulina Killmister 

Ghoulina is a mixture of a classy lady and nature's child. She's gonna make you laugh and occassionally think a bit deeper thoughts. This lady gives the finger to society's idea of a perfect woman. She has a soft spot for the living dead and Halloween. She enjoys reading horror books and watching black and white movies. Under black curls there's a dirty mind that's gonna get you into trouble!

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Koko Davai

  ¡Harasoo! Koko comes from eastern Finland. Her last name Davai is a Russian word and means all kinds of doing like lets go, do it, god damn just do it! This bootylicious lady is going to smack your face with her tits! She just looooves performing, singing and playing violin. Sometimes in the darkest hours of night she does graphic designing and photoshopping.
”Life it`s just a ride. Enjoy it. Shake it baby Yeah!”

From Russia With Love & Tits!

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India Wilde

India Wilde is a versatile performer. She comes from the musical theatre world and on a stage she loves to express herself through the different forms of performing art.

Sometimes India will entertain you with her viola playing or singing while doing her erotic acts. In her moves you can see a hint of ballet and lyrical jazz which she has been studying in the musical theatre school of London. Literature is also close to her heart, especially novels by Jane Austen, L.M. Montgomery or the Brontë sisters. Playfully, India thinks Cathy Earnshaw from 'The Wuthering Heights' is her true soul mate. They are both wild and strong spirits.

This foxy and bohemian showgirl is here to make your night special!

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Lempi LaBamba

Miss Woop De Doo

 Miss Woop De Doo is a small gal built from bump`n`grinds, laughter and dance. She loves to try new things and step out of the comfort zone so you might see her doing a classical feather boa act as well as going down and being dirty ;) 
One thing is for sure: there is no life without dancing, so most probably this "spicy mama" is seen barefoot shaking her booty like there is no tomorrow!

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She gets her inspiration from bright colours, Tim Burton's movies, comicbooks, strange music, everything macabre and grotesque. She might seem tought with her tattoos and piercings, but she also has a softer side full of glitter, lace, cats and love for the victorian era.

 Prepare to step in to the world of tease and humour spiced with danger and even madness with MortuusAmor!

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Nana Violet

Nana Violet always carries pair of high heels, red lipstick and bagful of flirt. Sparkling wine, rhinestones and different shades of violet comes with the backage too. 
If you want to know what is under that, you must be warned; she's no ordinary little missy, but dangerous temptress and the gypsy blood brings the temper. 
So hold your hats & hearts tight as she will seduce you anytime soon!

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Sabine Sheer

Sparkling Sabine Sheer is a blond bombshell who loves burlesque stages and dreams of a career as a trophywife. What could be better than a breakfast on a yacht surrounded by a deep blue sea?
Sabine's advantages are her youth and sweetness
but she also innocently admits knowing how to twerk and spin around the pole!
This academic cutiepie admires Tinkerbell and Sugar from the movie Some Like it Hot. 

You need this girl like you need your morning coffee served with an extra piece of chocolate!

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Satine N. Octurne

Behind the scenes Satine N. Octurne is a member of academia but on stage she is flirty and humorous femme fatale with a touch of rock'n'roll. Being the dance enthusiast she is, you might find her wearing also ballroom dresses or shaking it up to swing music. Even though Satine is very easy going, she is strict about one thing: never ever leave the house without victory rolls and red lipstick.

This showgirl is best served shaken and stirred!

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Suzie Dynamite

Suzie is an ordinary housemom. She bakes, cleans and kisses her child good night.
But she has hidden and secret dark side. Suzie loves burlesque, pin up, champagne and she wears sparkling underware.
Suzie listens to rock music and still knows how to twerk and do amazing stunts with an aerial lyra. 

There should be some glamour, secrecy and sparkle in every day life, shouldn't there?

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